picture of yasin

Hello, Hola, مرحبا, Здравствуйте, 你好, Bonjour!

Thanks for checking out my page. I am a young man sharing his learning path and life. Currently learning to code and traveling in my spare time.

I work fulltime as the founder of Loyal Loops & Buzzy. In my past career, I owned and operated over 31 retail businesses including a quick service restaurant, check cashing businesses and most importantly grocery outlets in urban food deserts. You can check out my resume or read about my past in an article from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

I'm looking forward to share my journey to becoming a better developer and person with you. You can access many of my travel pics on my IG and my blog posts on Medium. If you're feeling extra adventerous, text me via Telegram or shout me out on twitter.

Outside of work, I volunteer at least once a month with various groups such as #rake (Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere) as well as participating in #hashtaglunchbag events in Louisville,Cleveland and in San Francisco. Feel free to let me know about any volunteer opportunities you would like me to help with!